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Why us

Eco-friendly solutions

We invest in cleaning solutions which are free of toxins and safe for the environment. This helps our clients achieve environment friendliness with respect to their facility solutions. It also reduces the overall carbon footprint of a business and helps businesses achieve a greener approach towards facility management.

Well-trained staff

Trainings are conducted regularly for all staff members to make sure that they carry out their respective jobs efficiently and in accordance with our client’s requirements. The workforces provided to businesses are made aware of the business policies necessary for them to operate effectively. In addition to this, we put a lot of emphasis on professionalism, integrity, and productivity, making sure our services are delivered as per our client’s expectations.

Adherence with 100% statutory compliances

Our company ensures that we are always operating within the policies and regulations set by the regulatory and governing authorities. In doing so, we are able to ensure that our clients do not have to constantly worry about the facility and administration-related compliances which their company is required to adhere with.

Gamut of Service Offerings

BLUTIM, in the 7 years of its operations, has quickly expanded to offer a wide range of services that support efficient operations for your business. Our service offerings include everything under the umbrella of facility management services, support staffing, and utility services.


Housekeeping and Soft Services​

Our hygiene and soft services are delivered through a combination of machines and a trained workforce. We are aware of the importance of hygiene and sanitation in any commercial or residential area. With this in mind, our staffs is trained to deliver quality in all aspects of hygiene.

Payroll Management

We can help you with the necessary staffing requirements to fulfil your operational requirements in a given period of time. This can help you reduce hiring costs and improve operational efficiency for given projects or specific departments.

Pantry Management

BLUTIM has years of experience in offering excellent pantry management services. Our staff is trained to professionally carry out these services in order to serve the company guests and employees in the best way.

Office and Helpdesk Support

With the front desk and helpdesk being crucial points of contact for employees and visitors, we ensure that your company enjoys an excellent first impression through the front office and helpdesk. Our staff is trained to handle queries and complaints professionally on behalf of your company.

Pest Management

BLUTIM has your back when it comes to the eradication of pests from your premises. We conduct pest management in commercial and residential properties keeping the safety of the people in mind. The pest control practices adopted by our company are in compliance with local and national standards.

Guesthouse Management

We provide guesthouse maintenance solutions for all our corporate clients, ensuring that the guesthouses are always ready to welcome guests and ensure that the guests enjoy a comfortable stay. The team maintaining guesthouses are trained to deliver professional housekeeping services and maintain hygiene and cleanliness of the highest levels in the guesthouse.

Lawn and Garden landscaping

Our team of professional gardeners and landscapers make sure that the lawns, gardens, and greenspaces are always trimmed and perfect to please the eye. We take delight in providing insights for landscaping and helping our clients enjoy catchy landscaping designs that enhance the look and feel of the space.

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